When I start a painting I tend to have a strong visual idea, any changes tend to be reductive, where I remove elements and simplify form and color. I like the hard, low winter light and heavy massed forms that light has to fight its way around. Many of the images have brittleness to them.
I am often uncomfortable with the images when I am done with the paintings but avoid reducing the tensions and conflicts which are important to the work.
Often an idea is in my sketchbook for months or even years and I play with those ideas with more drawings or small paintings.
I prefer painting in oil on plywood or Masonite panels and sometimes use scribers and scrapers to incise lines, model forms, modify edges or add detail.
I consider my paintings biographical, a scene or figure in my figurative paintings will have personal significance but exactly what is that significance is not of importance to the viewer. I feel that the painting has to have a life of its own and what is important once it leaves the studio, is that it resonates with the viewer